Gun Smoke Big Ass Brick Of Soap


About this product

One of our most requested scents ever. An ideal fall saturday in Duke Cannon country involves just that — the country. There isn’t a minivan in sight, and the closest spoils of concrete are a good thirty miles away. While surrounded by your hunting buddies (two or four-legged), the sun pulls itself above the horizon line, and you’re filled with that particular adrenaline as your first shot rips across the sky. Our new big ass brick of soap – gun smoke attempts to capture that moment. The whiff you’ll get isn’t exactly metallic cordite; rather, notes of smoked wood, bourbon vanilla, and charred leather combine to form a rich, slightly smoky scent that reminds you of a successful morning spent alongside your favorite fellow sportsmen. Product specs Triple milled for superior quality At 10 oz., it's 3x the size of common bar soaps Made in the usa Features a uniquely rich and slightly smoky blend of smoked wood, bourbon vanilla, and charred leather Size: 10oz.